Blue Mountains Jazz (11 images)
The BLUE MOUNTAINS 'Jazz Sessions': 1989-2002
When Shirley and I first moved from Sydney to Katoomba in january 1989 we discovered that our old mate, Bill Boldiston was running 'jazz' concerts on the second Saturday of every month (this was later to change to every second month) at his (then) home at the 'Old Post Office Store' in Medlow Bath directly opposite the railway station. A perfect venue, as can be seen by the first shot here.
After Bill sold his home, there was a break for some fair length of time until the jazz was restarted, this time at a small 'community' hall in Faulconbridge where it lasted for some months until plans were made to widen the Great Western Highway supposedly affecting that venue.
Once again, it was on the move - this time to the Citizens' Hall on the Western Highway at Warrimoo. This venue lasted for som twelve months before a further, and final, move had to be made. This last saw a move slightly west again, this time to the Mid-Mountains Community Hall at Lawson. It was here that the Rod Jeffery Jazz Quintet, which featured both Tony barnard & Peter Ind who were visitin from London, played the second last ever gig on October 12, 2002 and Graeme Bell and his band played the last ever on December 14, 2002.
During it's time many wonderful performers including Paul Furniss, Trevor Rippingale, Graeme Bell, 'Duck Soup' and the 'late' Tom Baker added their talents to the Saturdays in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney playing to highly appreciative audiences who travelled from as far west as Dubbo NSW just to have an 'indoor picnic' with some of their favourite music anf friends.

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